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Coming to the Yankee Pedlar


Second Egress

Thinking about what’s to come

Full Circle

Crank It 1

X-Fest 2015 inspired me to make more sound. The cool toy that I bought from Crank Sturgeon helps… F L U C K S U S


Pyramid Day 5 – “Cube”

A pyramid is but a sharpened cube.

Pyramid Day 4 – “Ring Cycle”

Multiples vs. Mullables. Either way, it’s Winter fun. I bought the down jacket last year for a trip with my brother to climb Mt. Whitney. It was an end of

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Pyramid Day 3 – “Church”

Pyramid Day 3 – Church was an attempt at documenting the further shrinking snow pyramid. A fresh coat of snow gave it a soft, somewhat rounded appearance which made me

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Pyramid Day 2 – “Unseen”

For Day 2* of the Viral Art Challenge, I projected video onto the somewhat atrophied pyramid as well as the house itself. It had begun to snow so I had

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Pyramid Day 1 – “Blue”

I created this 7 foot pyramid following exact proportions for the classic Egyptian pyramids. I delineated a perfect square on the ground, marked it with string, found the center and

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