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2014 Solo show - Artstream - Dover, NH


It turns out one word is all I needed.

Video on buildings

Thinking about you.

People are buildings. They are also portraits on the sides of buildings. Buildings are characters full of special air, that contains particles of past histories. The people who occupied these

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Landscape mural tour in Philly


Born on the island, died on the island.

People love bunnies because they’re like puppies, which are like monkeys… just like babies.


Freud, Zodiac


It gets better…


Dilworth, Schwitters, Luzuriaga, Wilder.

Early install – Andromeda.. A3 was still in the house.

Had to install days before the rest of Side Effects, Gallery A3 Amherst’s show was up for a couple of more days. It was all good.

Highland Hardware

Highland Hardware – Holyoke


Wheal sketch

For Andromeda installation at Side Effects.