SWITCH is a half hour Television art show that I am very happy to have been a part of. Presented here are performance artists in simple venues that should ideally be viewed at home, on a Public Access Television Station. Conceived by Creative Director Jessica Higgins, the program was produced by myself, with additional collaborative work by Joshua Selman of Artist Organized Art. PEG access stations interested in showing SWITCH can obtain more information by clicking here. The episodes are presented here in reverse order: Newest (episode 16) first.

“Insomnia” is the 16th episode of SWITCH, and includes work from various towns, cities and countries. Performances by Jessica Higgins, Bibbe Hansen, Joshua Selman, Alison Knowles, and – William Stone.

“Cooking With Cage” is the 15th episode of SWITCH. This episode includes works from the NYC area. Cooking With Cage features an archival video, courtesy of Arleen Schloss, showing John Cage and Alison Knowles preparing a meal in John Cage’s kitchen. The visual is supported by their spoken interpretation of Stephane Mallarme’s Un coup de des jamais n’abolira le hasard: A throw of the dice will never abolish chance. 2012 Is the centennial celebration of John Cage. Cooking With Cage also includes a new performance by GLOVE of John Cage’s 4′ 33″ using the timings originally performed by David Tudor in Wooodstock NY. The score of 4′ 33″ indicates 3 movements each marked “Tacet” where the movements may be any chosen lengths of time as long as they collectively add up to 4 minutes and 33 seconds. Many thanks to Canal Gallery of Holyoke, MA for hosting a new performance of 4′ 33″ and SWITCH crew and audience.

“Fluxus Under Construction” is the 14th episode of SWITCH. This episode features Larry Miller, a seminal Fluxus artist. Larry performs works exclusively for SWITCH. Gema Alava and Jessica Higgins perform their co-creation: CYCLE. The episode ends with a segment showcasing a recent show at The Victory Theatre in Holyoke, MA. This group effort involves site specific installations from nine artists. The Victory Theatre is scheduled to be totally renovated in 2013.

“Video, Video” is the 13th episode of SWITCH. This episode is all about Public Access Television, and one of it’s advocates is Jaime Davidovich. Mr Davidovich is an intermedia artist and an organizer of art on television. In this episode, he talks with the producers of Switch about the infancy of Public Access Television in SOHO/NYC in the mid 1970’s. Special thanks to Artist Organized Art for facilitating the rendezvous with Jaime.

“White House, Blue House” is the 12th episode of SWITCH. This episode contains excerpts from “Traffic” performed by Kenneth Goldsmith at the White House Poet’s Workshop, “Human Stringed Instrument” by Jessica Higgins, “Comments” by Denis Luzuriaga, and “Full Message” by Joshua Selman.

“Canoe” is the 11th episode of SWITCH. This episode contains “Ink Spots” by guest artist Suzy Sureck, “Mushroom String Theory” by Jessica Higgins, and a longer piece entitled “Connecticut River Chess” by John Landino and guest artist Jack Nelson.

“Artists Paddle Fish With Song” is the 10th episode of SWITCH. This episode contains “Artists Canon” by Jessica Higgins, “I Am Here” by Erika Knerr, “Hooking Below The Surface” by John Landino, and a seven minute interview, produce by Artist Organized Art, with Jessica Higgins and Denis Luzuriaga, the Creative Director, and Producer – respectively – of SWITCH.

“Every Thing New Is Old Again” is the 9th episode of SWITCH. This episode contains “Ubu The King” by Erika Knerr (Adapted from Alfred Jarry’s ‘Ubu Roi’ – 1896), “PETH” by John Landino, “Unincorporated Entity” by Jessica Higgins, “A Tribute To OWS” by GLOVE, and “Wistariahurst Fall Artist Exhibition” which showcases the artwork of 21 artists.

“Vesses, Tea, Bowl” is the 8th episode of SWITCH. This episode contains “Elementals Part 1: Water” by Mary Averill, “Tea For Two” by Jessica Higgins, “Interview November 16, 2011” by GLOVE, and “Water In The House” by David Teeple.

“853 or 864”is the 7th episode of SWITCH. This episode contains “Max Routines with GLOVE” by Matt Waugh, “The Big Pop” by Jessica Higgins, “Remember Someone” by John Landino, and “The Corn Fields of Pioneer Valley (Extended Version)” by Denis Luzuriaga.

“Paper City”is the 6th episode of SWITCH. This episode contains “Loose Pages”by Alison Knowles, “Every String in the House” by GLOVE, and “Newspaper Music” by Alison Knowles. Also, a short segment showing the Holyoke events B.Y.O.R. (Bring your own restaurant) and “Paperworks”, an art exhibition at PCS80.

“Duplicates & Enlargements”is the 5th episode of SWITCH. This episode contains “Painting for Four Hands” by Jessica Higgins, “Waterfront” by GLOVE, “I Am” by John Landino, and “Istrebitel Gripen” by Matt Waugh.

“Outspoken Earth”is the 4th episode of SWITCH. April 14, 2011. This episode contains “Nukes Aren’t An Option”by Jessica Higgins, “Earth Speaks” by GLOVE, “Bubble” by Mary Averill, “Dream Lab Collective” by Erika Knerr, and “Once Upon A Time” by John Landino.

“You Can…”is the 3rd episode of SWITCH. March 15, 2011. This episode contains “Interference Blue” by Jessica Higgins, “Chest Pains” by John Landino, “Dream LAB Odyssey” by Erika Knerr, and “America’s Choice” by GLOVE.

“Pendulum”is the 2nd episode of SWITCH. February 22, 2011. This episode contains “Great Lecturers” by Stephen Lindow – interpreted by Denis Luzuriaga, “Muse & Sculptor” by Mary Averill and Erika Knerr, “Cycle” by John Landino, “Information Transfer” by GLOVE, “Reflections II” by Jessica Higgins, and “South Pole” by John Landino.

“Air Time For Color TV”is the first episode of SWITCH. February, 2011. This Episode contains “Walk In My Shoes” by Mary Averill, “Micro” by Takehisa Kosugi – performed by GLOVE, “Working With Stupid” by Erika Knerr. “News Of The Day” by Jessica Higgins, and an untitled video montage with performances by John Landino and Mary Averill (Music by Toomanyfrets).