Pyramid Day 1 – “Blue”

I created this 7 foot pyramid following exact proportions for the classic Egyptian pyramids. I delineated a perfect square on the ground, marked it with string, found the center and erected and leveled a pole. To this pole I attached 4 strings that were in turn attached to the four base square corners. Then I proceeded to fill the “inside” with snow that was perfect for the task: It was extremely sticky. Once “full”, I carved the sides with a long 1 by 2 piece of wood using the corner strings as guides. This is the “first day” of the so-called Viral Art Challenge. This is a form of chain letter for artists going around Facebook. I’ve seen it for other disciplines as well such as fiber arts, etc. Anyway, I took the challenge from Katie Richardson. I thought I had to create art specifically for the challenge, it turns out most people use it as a showcase for past art as well as current. Anyway, better this way… it got me out into the snow to create with it. My studio is somewhat “clogged” at the moment (literally, not metaphorically) so this is a good thing.

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